Advance Image Editing

Digital Cameras do a great job of capturing images. However, even the most expensive of cameras will not always capture an image accurately. A cameras lens can not reproduce the extremes of lighting and colour that the human eye is capable of seeing. Consequently, it is vital that the image undergoes some degree of manipulation after it is captured.

Certain Colours may need to be boosted, Shadows may need to be “opened” to reveal detail, Highlights may need to be “burned in”, etc. Each image will require different amounts of correction and there is no one “fix” that will suit every picture.

These enhancements need to be done in a subtle way so that the final image is realistic and convincing. With our many years experience in image manipulation, we apply these edits professionally, to every image before printing.

You can be assured that we will get the absolute best possible result from your image to make your enlargements stand out from the crowd.

The advanced image editing is applied to all images for the following:

  • All photo prints 10″ x 8″ and upwards
  • All Large Format Print
  • All ChromaLuxe MDF Panels
  • All ChromaLuxe Aluminium Panels
  • All Canvas Prints

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Below you can see examples of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images showing examples of our advanced image editing.